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India’s healthcare ecosystem is enormous and complex, with several hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities spread throughout the nation, where a patient visits these facilities for his/her healthcare needs. Most of these healthcare systems still use physical means to communicate medical information to patients, whether it be through prescription writing or printing of films for X-rays, CT, MRI scans or lab reports, etc. Patients are forced to carry stacks of their medical files from one doctor to the next, which are inevitably lost in transit. Because many hospitals and laboratories cannot interact with one another, it is more difficult for patients to access medical care.

Past medical history and previous lab reports are very valuable for a doctor to provide in-depth analysis and diagnose a patient’s condition. Lack of access to this information causes tests to be repeated, inflicting a huge financial strain on a patient who is already struggling.

Medwire’s cloud-based EMR solution solves this problem by consolidating patients’ medical data into one centralized location. This makes it easier for doctors and other care providers to access and manage patient information. In addition, Medwire’s EMR system also includes features specifically designed for the Indian healthcare market.

With Medwire, India now has a centralized platform for managing patient information, which can help improve the quality of care and make healthcare more efficient.


Anthony O’Neil
Vivo Clinic Founder

Medical science begin to notice for good health, peace of mind, self-confidence, optimism is something very important.
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MedWire keeps patient data safe and secure. We use layered security and End to End encryption to secure all your healthcare data. We also provide a “Secure Data Gateway” to prevent the leakage of confidential documents or other data.

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Easily scan and upload family health data Secure healthcare data with encryption Create personalized medical timelines
Never miss meds with reminders
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One-stop patient health records
Crystal clear scans Easy e-prescribing Effortless appointments Personalized patient engagement.

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Give your lab a digital edge
Book lab tests quickly and easily Send results straight to patient’s app Reach more patients with personalized notifications, offers and promo codes.

MedWire for Radiology

Clear digital images straight to your phone via Cloud PACS Say goodbye to film and printer maintenance expenses Access and zoom images anytime, anywhere
Book tests easily through MedWire's doctor-designed app
Give your facility a digital edge with online test booking.
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Great Patient Stories

I have been a doctor for over a decade, and I am happy that MedWire has made my work much easier. I have found the software easy to use, and it helped me with my medical practice.
Vivian Kirk
I have been a doctor for over a decade, and I am happy that MedWire has made my work much easier. I have found the software easy to use, and it helped me with my medical practice.
Jesse Norman
I am a healthcare provider and have been using MedWire for some time. I can't even imagine my work without it. It has made my life and my work so much easier.. I can store all of my patient's records in one place, which makes it really easy to go back and look at previous diagnoses & treatments.
Kelsey Heath
I can't believe I ever used paper charts. MedWire is much easier to use, and it's nice not to worry about finding a certain file or seeing X-Ray films in outdated ways. Plus, the online interface means that our records are backed up in case anything happens.
Ann Michaels
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 Medwire eliminates the need to maintain onsite servers or IT staff and offers a more affordable way to address compliance requirements.


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