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MedWire offers a Smarter Way to Manage Health Records For Individuals, Hospitals, Doctors, Laboratories & Radiology to bridge care gaps, reduce errors, and eliminate risks.

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India’s healthcare ecosystem is enormous and complex, with several hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities spread throughout the nation, where a patient visits these facilities for his/her healthcare needs. Most of these healthcare systems still use physical means to communicate medical information to patients, whether it be through prescription writing or printing of films for X-rays, CT, MRI scans or lab reports, etc. Patients are forced to carry stacks of their medical files from one doctor to the next, which are inevitably lost in transit. Because many hospitals and laboratories cannot interact with one another, it is more difficult for patients to access medical care.

Past medical history and previous lab reports are very valuable for a doctor to provide in-depth analysis and diagnose a patient’s condition. Lack of access to this information causes tests to be repeated, inflicting a huge financial strain on a patient who is already struggling.

MedWire’s cloud-based EMR solution solves this problem by consolidating patients’ medical data into one centralized location. This makes it easier for doctors and other care providers to access and manage patient information. In addition, MedWire’s EMR system also includes features specifically designed for the Indian healthcare market.

With MedWire, India now has a centralized platform for managing patient information, which can help improve the quality of care and make healthcare more efficient.

Dr. Mohsin Kamal


Committed To The Best Possible Safety

MedWire keeps patient data safe and secure. We use layered security and End to End encryption to secure all your healthcare data. We also provide a “Secure Data Gateway” to prevent the leakage of confidential documents or other data.

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MedWire App for Patients

  • Scan and upload family health data with ease
  • Ensure secure healthcare data with end-to-end encryption
  • Create tailored medical timelines
  • Never miss a medication with reminders
  • Effortlessly book appointments online/offline
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MedWire App for Doctors

  • Organize patient care with one-stop health records access
  • View crystal clear digital X-rays, CT, MRI, and PET scans
  • Generate and send e-prescriptions
  • Effortlessly schedule and manage online/offline appointments
  • Personalized patient engagement with notifications and promo codes

MedWire for Laboratories

  • Doctors can directly book lab tests on behalf of patients
  • Send test reports directly to the patient’s app
  • Create personalized notifications & promo codes
  • Promote offers and discounts
  • Patients can book lab tests online
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MedWire for Radiology

  • Clear digital images straight to your patient phone via Cloud PACS
  • Say goodbye to films and printer maintenance expenses
  • Access and zoom images anytime, anywhere
  • Give your facility a digital edge with online test booking

PATIENTS, DOCTORS, CLINICS, HOSPITALS, LABS, AND RADIOLOGY LOVE MEDWIRE. Don't just take our word for it; read from our extensive list of testimonials.

I am a healthcare provider and have been using MedWire for some time. I can't even imagine my work without it. It has made my life and my work so much easier.. I can store all of my patient's records in one place, which makes it really easy to go back and look at previous diagnoses & treatments.
Dr Vijay Bhaskar Reddy
CSR Skin Clinic, Hyderabad
I can't believe I ever used paper charts. MedWire is much easier to use, and it's nice not to worry about finding a certain file or seeing X-Ray films in outdated ways. Plus, the online interface means that our records are backed up in case anything happens.
Dr Karthik Kurapati MS DNB (Surg Oncology)
Shri Laxmi Karthik Onco Hospital, Nizamabad
As the world is getting digitalised, its time for health system too to get updated. MedWire is one such option. As a rheumatologist, my patients have chronic disease course and it's necessary to streamline their data and put it into an organised form. Its quite useful to compare angiograms in patients with takayasu arteritis, to compare HRCT chest in patients with ILD. Above all make case series of my patient data. Happy with the new tool
Dr Spoorthy Kothapalli MD DM
MedWire is a useful tool for healthcare professional to access patient old records and radiology images with good clarity. This software could be practice changing, in terms of care in patients with chronic diseases.
Dr Jaswanth Challa MD, DM
(Nephrology), Hyderabad

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MedWire provides an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable infrastructure for storing & managing all your sensitive patient .

MedWire eliminates the need to maintain onsite servers or IT staff and offers a more affordable way to address compliance requirements.


Increase in care efficiency


Increase in patient revisits


Patient Monitoring


Increase in online appointments

More Than an EMR Solution

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X-Ray Imaging and Reporting

Audiology & Hearing Checkups

Gynecological Examinations
Orthopedic Checkups
Pulmonology and Lung Trials
Microbiology & Viral Trials
Renal Examinations
Neurology & Psychology
Pregnancy Monitoring
Nutrition and Dietetics

How it works

MedWire For Patient

Access and view your patient’s data from anywhere in India. Upload your patient’s data onto MedWire’s secure cloud warehouse.

MedWire For Diagnostic Labs

Using MedWire software dveloped specially for laboratories, medical reports can be sent directly to patient’s app without the need for them to return to pick up their reports.

MedWire For Radiology

MedWire eliminates the expanses of purchasing radiological films as well as the requirement for regular printers maintainance.

MedWire For Doctors

It is innovative and user-friendly software, doctors can generate Online Smart Prescriptions and send these directly to the patient’s app. MedWire also provide a comprehensive appointment management system.


How does MedWire ensure the security of my medical records?

MedWire utilizes advanced security protocols to ensure the absolute privacy of patient medical records. Your data is stored in a secure, encrypted format and is only accessible to authorized personnel. 

How much does it cost to use MedWire?

MedWire is committed to making healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone. We offer a comprehensive suite of services at competitive prices, with no additional costs for installation or setup. Get in touch to get a custom quote for your facility today.

Is MedWire only for medical professionals?

No! MedWire is for everyone who wants to store and access their medical records securely. Whether it’s a medical professional, patient, or caretaker, everyone can benefit from having an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). 

How do I get started with MedWire?

Getting started with MedWire is easy. All you need to do is create an account and get access to our secure cloud platform. Once you have created your account, you can log in and integrate all your healthcare facilities. 

What is the process for signing up for MedWire?

To start using MedWire, you’ll need to create an account with us. Once your account is created, you can add all the details of your medical practice, such as facility name, address, contact details, and list of services provided. 

How do I know if a facility is using MedWire?

Simply look for the MedWire logo – if you see it, that facility uses MedWire to send and access their patient’s medical records. In addition, you can also check the list of facilities we have on our website. Many hospitals and clinics across India use MedWire to send their patients’ medical records securely.

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